R&D and Innovation

We, as VIG Metal, attach great importance to R&D and innovation activities in order to contribute to the sector and the future and to be successful in national and international competition.

We bring both our local and global stakeholders together with innovative, high-quality, reliable products and services with our investments to our production technology and R&D activities.

We start off with the philosophy of continuous development to expand, enrich the sector and to get into new markets together with our R&D department.

The technologies, which we use in production, our hardware advantages and many of our machines in production lines are our own production ... We continue our works by taking advantage of this experience and background information of VIG Machine under the umbrella of VIG Group which has been manufacturing machines for companies operating in metal industry for many years.

This is why we are proud of being a company that adds value to our stakeholders and offers new opportunities with our infrastructure and flexibility to meet the demands of special production in industrial scale.

We also pride ourselves on carrying out a many value-added projects with our country’s important institutions such as TUBITAK, ROKETSAN and SSB.

Our Projects:

"Magnesium Plate Production by Twin Roll Casting Method"
DPT - TUBITAK - VIG METAL, 2006 - 2008

"Bora Rocket GB Body Casting Project"
ROKETSAN - VIG METAL, 2008 - Ongoing

  "Magnesium Casting Technology Development Used in Aviation, (MÜGE Project)"
SSB - TAI - VIG METAL, 2014-2018

  "Aluminium New Generation Alloy Development, (MIRROR Project)"
SSB - ITUNOVA - VIG METAL, 2018- Ongoing

R&D and Innovation

As Vig Metal, we attach great importance to R & D and innovation activities to contribute to the sector and the future and to be successful in national and international competition.

We Are in America

We are exporting our aluminium flat rolled products to America after Europe and Africa via VIG brand machines.


Vig Metal as part of Magnesium T.C. We will be in the 14th International Defense Industry Fair hosted by the Ministry of National Defense.

Thanks to our special filtration system, we reduced the water pollution rate and achieved energy efficiency of 70%!

La Non-Hazardous Waste Recycling larda is the process of reclaiming the aluminum scrap in the furnace which is produced in the factory with the license.

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